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  • When you purchase from Cutthroat you will receive a real hand crafted UNI thread furled leader used for fly fishing applications. Many professional anglers also refer to our product as a uni-thread braided leader. Each of our furled fly fishing leaders are made by hand to exact standards. The useage of furled thread or braided fly fishing leaders has long been overlooked by many fly fisherman but has had a resurgance as of late. Hand furled leaders have been documented being used in Europe and Japan dating as far back as 250 years ago. In many instances the dated furled braided leaders were made out of horsehair or fine silk for material. Now, with the advancement of synthetic thread or UNI thread, we have developed a true and accurate furled fly fishing leader that is made with modern material's combined with age old technique and sequences. We are proud to offer a unconditional money back guarantee on any of our leaders if you are not 100% satisfied. When you order a furled leader from us you know it will be the best because we stand behind each of them we make. For a new experience on the water at the price of a few gallons of gas, Try a Cutthroat Furled Leader Today!


              Welcome to Cutthroat Furled Fly Fishing Leaders















                 Here are just a few reason's to try a furled fly fishing leader!



                    · You will cast Better.  More accurate and enhanced presentations.
                    · Thread has absolutely zero memory, therefore our furled leaders have NO MEMORY!

                    · More energy is transfered to the fly increasing accuracy and casting performance.

                    · Thread Furled Leaders provide Amazing Tippet Protection. (smaller tippet equals more strikes)
                    · CutThroat Furled Thread leaders cast amazing even in windy conditions.
                    · One of Our leaders can last an entire season… Very cost effective.
                    · Available Tippet Ring for our Furled Fishing Leaders make for simple tippet changes!
                    · Made in the USA by Fly Fisherman for Fly Fisherman



How to use a Furled Dry Fly Leader from cutthroat leaders on Vimeo.






                           WHAT EXACTLY IS A "FURLED LEADER YOU ASK?


A: Furled leaders are a hand made type of knotless tapered fly fishing leader used for freshwater or saltwater fishing. CutThroat has built a reputation for our extremely high performance, low memory and effortless soft dry fly presentations even with a rollcast. These qualities are due to the way our braided leaders are constructed which is similar to creating rope. The big difference is that our leader is created with a taper. This twisted style of construction and being made from UNI thread leads to a flexible leader with no memory. We offer a 100% money back gurantee on all of our hand furled leaders. I invite you to watch my short product description video located just above which will demonstrate the difference between a coiled mono leader out of the package and our leader out of the package.


Many anglers pay top dollar for their rods and reels, fishing line and even flies, yet pay minimum money for their leaders.  The actual leader above all other gear is what actually effects how your fly will be presented to a fish.  Typical Monofilament tapered fly fishing leaders are to stiff and have tendency to slap the fly onto the water instead of setting it lightly as a natural would land.  Our Cutthroat furled nylon leader is much better than tapered mono, but for the best dry fly fishing, one cannot beat the presentation of our thread furled leaders.

During a long day of fishing, with multiple flies changes, how many times have you found yourself with a short tapered leader?  You find yourself adding tippet to the shortened butt section end, but your casting is simply not what it should or could be as your leader has been altered.  Our leaders will last an entire season or more if treated properly. Whether you choose the shorb loop tippet end, the tippet ring or the monofilament perfection loop, you will always have a leader end to add more tippet to. Cutthroat leaders has just finished design on the worlds finest Tenkara Leaders and Spey & Salmon Braided Leaders, Click Here For Hand Crafted Tenkara and Click Here For Hand Crafted Spey Leaders.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      "No, the leader will not spook fish.  Many people ask me about this.    Most people fish a store bought 7'-6"-9'-0 long leader.    Then attach it to brightly colored fly-lines.  Most anglers then add tippet to the end of their leader. Remember that most of these mono / nylon leaders will slap the flie onto the water instead of laying it down gently. I always recommend using between 5-9ft. of tippet between the colored leader and the flie. The difference with my system is that your flies will be presented in such a way that your never before experienced. I have had more than a few customers call or email with stories of fish actually coming out of the water to take the fly before it landed. "How often does that happen to you with your current set-up?" Please feel free to browse around our website for tips, information, photo's, and furled fly fishing leaders experiences on our testimonials page. If you have time please watch my informational video above. Best Regards, Mike Morin (Owner/Opperator)."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Our company is dedicated to promoting fly fishing to future generations by way of conservation, education and by selling a product that promotes a healthy environment. Unline typical mono leader material ours will wear evenly and when it finally gives out you can simply roll up the used material and pitch it in the trash. Lets all do our part to not leave streams, rivers and lakes poluted with debris! Fly fisherman live by ethical standards and we are proud to say our company does as well!

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